Courtney Rochelle is an artist/photographer. As a nature photographer she focuses primarily on landscape, and more recently, her lifelong fascination with trees. She always had a passion for both photography and nature, but didn’t fully explore photography until later in life. After being a full time mom and looking to reconnect with herself, she enrolled in photography night classes at Beverly Hills Adult School. She studied under Keith Johnson and Eleanore Kaufman, who was a close colleague of one of Courtney’s greatest inspirations, Ansel Adams. Courtney’s first showcase was a compilation of work at the “Creative Eye” group exhibition held at Sammy’s Camera in Westwood, California.

After her education, she spent time as a Wedding & Family Photographer. Although she enjoyed taking pictures of people, when she moved to the Santa Monica Mountain area, she finally found her spark of inspiration. It had just rained and she had gone to King Gillette Ranch to shoot, and as she began to take pictures of trees, she noticed the depths of the colors, patterns and markings in the tree bark. She zoomed in closer and began to see the art in places she, and most everyone, would overlook. This was the inspiration for her body of work, Into the Woods, a series of photos based on an abstract perspective of tree bark. The photos invoke intrigue; one may not know right away by looking at the photos what the subject is. Upon first glance, it’s unclear as to whether they are looking at a drawing, painting, or a photo. After taking countless photos, she selected the images that best represent the beauty and artistry that can be found in a tree.